Herndon FOP  Lodge 64 

Sergeant Philip J. Farley, a Herndon police officer of nearly 25 years, passed away unexpectedly on Wednesday, Feb. 2, 2011.

The Herndon Police Department sent out a special press release in his honor mourning the loss of Sgt. Farley. He joined the Herndon Police Department in April 1986 and was a highly decorated officer with many accomplishments.

Sgt. Farley was instrumental in helping the department transition to its first electronic records and communications system. He researched and helped the department to implement updated weapons equipment, and he was a firearms and defensive tactics instructor. He benefited the department and his trainees by staying up to date with current trends and tactics.

During the 2010 Valor Awards, the Herndon Police Department honored Sgt. Farley with the Chiefs award, recognizing his contributions, achievements and his dedication.

Sgt. Farley was a small engine pilot and a flight instructor and he was a certified scuba diver. He had recently completed his masters degree. He is survived by his wife, Tama, who works at the Herndon Police Department as well, and three children.
From: herndonpatch.com